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Pre-School Centers

At Early Start, our preschool curriculum and fun learning programs are designed for students to use from toddler ages through early grade school. Our lesson plans and teacher's guides are designed so that anyone who is responsible for creating curriculum for young children has the resources they need to be effective and successful. If you are a daycare provider or a preschool teacher in a conventional classroom, our resources can help you create your best preschool curriculum program yet.

Tips for Creating a Day Center Classroom

In addition to the Early Start preschool curriculum, it is important to organize your day and the care center's classroom. Check out the tips below for preparing your facility for each preschool year.

  • Review Your Resources - To implement your ideas for the upcoming school year, start by organizing the preschool resources you need. Early Start provides you with a day care center teacher's guides and creative lesson plans for each subject, from math and science to reading, arts and social lessons.
  • Define Your Classroom - You should evaluate the learning level of the students in your day care classroom. Once you've determined your needs, Early Start can help you create an effective preschool curriculum. We also give you the tools to assess the advancements of each child from day to day.
  • Set Learning Goals - To stay on track throughout the school year, create an outline that will allow you to track each student's progress as the school year goes forth.
  • Make Learning Fun - Early Start ensures every lesson is creative, interesting, engaging and above all enjoyable for preschool students. A student's experience in early learning sets the foundation for their educational habits life. We help you show them how "learning is fun".

Early Start activities are designed by former teachers to get day care center preschoolers involved in the learning process every day. By following our Teacher's Guide, you will ensure your daycare students are mentally and physically engaged in your center's daily learning activities. Early Start requires that each child is given a "take-home" activity to share with the whole family.

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