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Pre-School Math Curriculum

To properly understand math, it is important for students to begin to master the building blocks for math concepts as young as preschool. It is at these young ages that students learn their numbers, how to count, shapes, and in advanced cases, perhaps even basic addition. Without proper understanding of these ideas, students will struggle to grasp more advanced mathematical concepts. Those who are educating in a home environment or teaching in a small group setting such as a daycare, will want to make sure these concepts are properly delivered.

Math for Preschoolers

Our Early Start math curriculum was originally developed for preschool students, but after so many participants requested similar materials to use with their older students, we expanded our offerings for fun and readiness activities.

  • Early Start Math - This program is designed for children between the ages of two and five. Each month Early Start teachers are provided with a teacher's guide, activity pages, and lesson plans. In addition, particular units of study such as "buildings in my city" or "colors and rhyme" are assigned each month, and many of the units are designed around introducing developmentally appropriate math concepts. Students learn about shapes, numbers, and related concepts to get them ready for more advanced math studies.
  • Preschool Math and Readiness Supplements - These programs are designed as supplements to the Early Start program. The Preschool Fun program was specifically developed for four year olds and more advanced three year olds; and the Readiness Fun was developed for five year olds and more advanced four year olds. The supplement programs focus specifically around readiness skills in math and reading. Students will develop basic number concepts as well as use some basic math skills.
  • Early Elementary School Math - This program was designed in response to the popularity of the program for younger students. The Fun Learning program is divided into three levels and is intended for use between grades 1 and 6. The program is specifically focused around math and reading. For math, students will focus on tasks such as telling time, counting, patterns, units of measurements, and basic addition and subtraction on Level A. Level B will delve further into patterns, measurements, addition and subtraction. Level C will start with multiplication and division facts as well as regrouping with addition and subtraction and completing number series.

There are a variety of fun activities, puzzles, and tasks that help develop and reinforce a child's math skills. Family providers and day care center teachers who have questions about any math preschool curriculum can use this website's convenient email form to receive a prompt response.