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Pre-School Music Curriculum

At Early Start we offer a wide range of studies for children as young as age 2. A child's first few years are especially formative ones because they are learning how to process all the sensory data from the world around them. We feel it is important to expose young students not only to facts, numbers and physical activities but to sounds using our tips for integrating a preschool music curriculum.

Music for Preschoolers

Early Start does not try to turn preschool students into musicians. However, we do believe in equipping them with important tools to enhance their early learning experiences. That's why we do not teach music as a separate subject but highly recommend that it be incorporated into daily lesson plans and other fun activities.

  • Early Start Preschool Music - Researchers and educators have long known about the importance of music in early learning. The first six years are especially critical for learning how to perceive and interpret aural information*.
  • Preschool Music & Readiness Fun - We believe that music has a greater effect on our young students when it is incorporated into their daily learning activities. Songs about a particular subject, for example, can aid memory, as anyone who ever learned the "Alphabet Song" as a toddler can attest.

*NOTE: Singing helps to develop breathing and vocal control, while dancing or playing a drum can teach rhythm and physical coordination.

The more aural stimulation preschool children receive, the more quickly they can grasp concepts and the more effectively they can learn. If you would like additional information about using music to enhance learning, use our convenient email form to contact Early Start today. We think you'll agree with us that music matters for all age groups and during each phase of a child's development.