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Kids Educational Games

From birth, children begin to learn about the world around them through play. Games allow them to begin discover basic concepts such as cause and effect, colors, how to stack blocks, animals, and more. Finding a curriculum that builds upon this natural part of childhood is an excellent way to guide children's learning and help them understand the basics in a variety of subject areas is priceless. If you are interested in educating children in a homeschool environment, then you will be happy to hear that Early Start offers affordable and easy to follow lessons and supplements for kids educational games.

Preschool Learning Games

For teaching young children, our preschool learning games provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce what is learned and help students remember the important concepts and information delivered.

  • Kids Early Start Games - Our Early Start kids educational games are designed for children ages 2 - 5. The family provider or preschool center educators will receive lesson plans, teacher's guides, and activity sheets each month. Three or four units of study will be used to categorize the lessons for each month as well. The lessons will include a variety of fun puzzles, worksheets, games, and other activities that the children can do to help learn and remember the basic concepts for the major subject areas or reading, writing, math, and science.
  • Readiness Fun & Learning Games - Our kids educational games are intended for use as a supplement to our Early Start program. The kids readiness lessons focus largely around math and reading and helping students build towards proficiency in both areas. Preschool Fun supplements are intended for four year old preschoolers as well as more advanced three year olds. The Readiness Fun program was designed for five year olds and more advanced four year olds. Homeschooled or Day Care Center students will participate in kids educational activities such as cutting and pasting to work on motor skills as well as fun activities to work on numbers, pre-reading, and other important lessons.
  • Kids Elementary School Games - The popularity of kids educational games and early elementary learning programs has led the developers of Early Start to design fun modules for older students. The Fun Learning program is designed for students between grades one and six and is divided into three levels. Students focus primarily on math and reading concepts, playing educational games and solving kids puzzles to work on tasks ranging from telling time through basic multiplication and division facts.

Family Provider educators and Preschool Center teachers interested in learning more about our educational games programs and those who have questions should use our convenient Early Start email forms to contact the creators and receive a prompt response.