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Home Pre-School Programs

Preschool is the optimal time to begin instilling the educational building blocks that will set homeschooled students on the path towards learning success. It is a time to begin learning important letter and number skills as well as tasks such as cutting paper and tying laces.

Parents who choose to educate their children at home or in a family provider environment may be looking for resources to help them plan important lessons and activities to make sure their children are mastering the necessary material. Fortunately, Early Start provides family provider teacher's guides, activity pages, and lesson plans on a month by month basis to help guide any home educating group.

Educational Programs for Homeschoolers

Early Start educational materials for homeschooled students can be used as a supplement to other exciting learning activities or as an entire preschool curriculum.

  • Family Provider Early Start Programs - Our family provider & home school Early Start program is designed for children ages 2-5 and helps to introduce children to a variety of important concepts. They will learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, as well as math activities, science activities, pre-writing, and activities to help build critical thinking skills. The preschool program is designed with a range of developmentally appropriate and fun tasks that can be used with groups both large and small.
  • Preschool Fun & Readiness Supplements - This program is designed to be used in conjunction with the Early Start program. It is a group of activities designed to help older homeschooled preschoolers with their readiness skills in a variety of subject areas. Preschool Fun was created with four year old students and more advanced three year olds in mind. Preschool Readiness Fun was developed more for five year old students and advanced four year olds. Both programs focus largely on math and reading readiness.
  • Fun Learning Activities - This program was designed in response to many satisfied customers of the Early Start program looking for something for their older home schooled and early elementary students, between grades one and six. The lessons focus on math and reading and can be used as an entirely separate curriculum or as a supplement to existing grades 1-6 program.

The Early Start preschool curriculum and elementary school level activities offer a variety of puzzles, games and educational materials that reinforce pre-defined learning concepts. Lesson plans/preschool teacher's guide are provided for different homeschool levels depending on your specific needs.