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Q. Will I continue to receive Early Start each month after I order?
A. Yes. Your Early Start order will arrive each month until you cancel your order.
Q. Am I obligated to continue my order for the full year?
A. No. You may cancel your order at any time (time restrictions apply).
Q. How do I change or cancel my Early Start subscription?
A. Notify Early Start in writing, by telephone, or by email by the first of the month prior to the month you want to change or cancel. For example, if you want to change, or do not wish to receive, the November curriculum, you must notify us by October 1.
Q. Do I need to prepay each month?
A. No. After your initial payment your invoice will be included with your materials each month. Payment is due by the 5th of the subscription month to avoid late charges.
Q. If I use a credit card for my first subscription, do you automatically charge my card each month?
A. No. Your invoice will be included with your materials each month and you may send a check or money order. We can set up your account on an automatic charge if you request it. There will be a 5% charge on your total due each month, after your initial order, for automatic charge.
Q. When is my Early Start curriculum mailed?
A. The curriculum is always mailed near the 10th of the month before the subscription month in order to reach you in time for your planning needs.
Q. What should I do if I don't receive my curriculum?
A. If you do not have your order by the 25th of the month prior to the subscription month, please let us know so we can reship it. If you do not receive a curriculum and do not notify us by the 5th of the subscription month, you are responsible for payment.
Q. If I decide I do not want an order I have already received, may I return it for credit?
A. No. Once we have processed your order for a given month, you are responsible for all charges for that month.
Q. When do I receive my free curriculum?
A. Your free month's curriculum automatically follows your first month's order.
Q. Does everyone receive a free month's curriculum?
A. No. Only our first-time customers receive a free month's curriculum.
Q. If I use the Early Start program for more than one year will the materials be the same?
A. No. There are three series of Early Start programs that are used in alternate years.
Q. During what months is Early Start available?
A. The Early Start program is available year-round, 12 months a year.
Q. For what age children is the Early Start curriculum written?
A. Children from 2 - 5 years of age benefit from the Early Start program.