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Family Providers

Preschool curriculum development requires more than just throwing together a few lessons on colors, numbers and letters. In fact, as the family provider responsible for developing the lesson plans each year, you have the responsibility of ensuring the curriculum provides your students with the foundation they need in order to be successful throughout the rest of their life. At Early Start, we specialize in providing parents with preschool curriculum resources so that you can create lesson plans that educate students as well as keep the learning process engaging and interactive.

Tips for Creating a Family Classroom

In addition to signing up for the appropriate Early Start preschool learning programs, it is important to organize your family school classroom. Listed below are a few tips to help you prepare for the school year.

  • Collect Preschool Resources - At Early Start, we can provide you with a teacher's guide and lesson plan topics for every subject, ranging from math and science plans to reading, arts and social lessons.
  • Assess Your Situation - If you are a parent or family provider who is teaching children in your home, you can create a custom preschool curriculum for each child.
  • Create an Outline for Progress - Identify ahead of time the goals you want each student to make as the school year goes forth. As the family provider, it will help keep you on track during the school year.
  • Make Learning Fun - Every lesson should be creative, interesting, engaging and above all enjoyable for the student. Preschool learning sets the foundation for educational habits for a child's entire life. You want to show them that education is fun.

Early Start activities are designed to involve each child in the learning process every day. By following our Teacher's Guide, you will ensure your student(s) are engaged mentally and physically each day. Don't forget to give each child a "take-home" learning activity to share with the whole family.

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