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Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Whether you plan to homeschool your preschool-aged child, or you run an early learning center, you will want to rely on professional help and advice when it comes to planning your early childhood lesson plans. These lessons are the building blocks for educational foundation, and you will want to be sure to incorporate a variety of different subjects and skills into your curriculum. At Early Start, we can provide you with a complete early childhood and preschool curriculum to help you ensure you are giving the children in your care the best start in life.

Types of Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Early Start can provide you with some of the most affordable professional early childhood lesson plans available today. We are an excellent resource for teachers, preschool operators, instructors and moms.

  • Science Lessons - We have designed innovative and creative science lesson plans that help to introduce the concept of this subject to young children. Topics include weather, plants, animals and the human body.
  • Math Lessons - As math is a necessary concept for young children to master, it is important to begin math curriculum in the earliest years of education. Our preschool math lessons are intended to help children begin to understand what math is as well as learn basic mathematical concepts. Topics include numbers, shapes and even basic arithmetic.
  • Social Lessons - Young children need to begin socializing with each other almost immediately, and they also need to learn the basic foundations for rules in society. At Early Start, we can provide you with social learning lessons to help your children begin to interact with one another and learn from each other. Social topics include community, culture, toys, games and interactive play.
  • Language Arts & Literary Lessons - At this age, most children are beginning to learn the alphabet in order to prepare for reading a book. Our literary lessons help you choose the best books, stories and fables to use in your classroom setting.

We believe that anyone who is interested in providing early childhood classes to young children can benefit from these programs.